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Well hello and where did Christmas go and who and what and where am I supposed to be at the moment because sure as hell that first week back was a doggone surprise to me. 2015? 2015, you say? Give me about six months and I might just be able to get the date right. I’m still working on getting my name right. (Let’s not talk about the time I panicked when meeting new people so grabbed the first name that came to mind when introducing myself. It wasn’t the right one.)

And so, welcome to the New Year when you realise that actually things are pretty much the same as they were a week ago, only now you’ve got used to gorging yourself on mince pies and cheese, and become slightly nocturnal. And the world keeps turning and the internet sometimes explodes and good things and bad things happen. Still. Again. (And we’re only on day 9).

And I’m just thinking that maybe already this year is a little too full of the shit stuff and not full enough of the good stuff. So it’s time to talk about the GOOD SHIT. What’s fucking great in your life right now? What gem have you got lurking under your capes?

I’ll kick us off, and it’s only gonna be a bloody great computer game. (But, I mean, you’re more than welcome to pick more wholesome pursuits, so long as it don’t involve no dieting).

You might be aware of my incredibly healthy zombie obsession. I should, at this point, make it clear that I’m not a very good gamer; I get scared, I scream, I hit “x” a LOT, and then I run around and hope for the best. But with as much skill as I could possibly muster (and a healthy dose of help from my other half), I have now officially completed my first ever COMPUTER GAME. Oh yes, I’ve gone all technical on your ass, I’ve even won in battles with the toaster. Who’s for a round of breakfast bread slices?

It’s beautiful, it’s hideous, it’s petrifying, it’s “The Last of Us”. When I wasn’t screaming, I was jaw-on-the-floor slobbering on the scenery.

If zombies and trying to pretend you know how to play computer games are your thing, then this is definitely your game.

So what’s your thing? What are you doing? Give us some bright in this early January blight. Please, ‘cos it don’t half get dark in here.

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