What’s that bleedin’ racket?

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That’s me…

Me and my harmonica…

AKA Tam is making a noise that sounds something like what happens when a crow takes up the bagpipes and starts a punk rock band with a group of asthmatic cats.

HarmonicaWell, maybe not quite that good. And if you ask the Beast, then definitely not that good. As soon as I pick up my trusty harmonica she dives across the room in the general direction of my face, claws outstretched and digging into any available flesh that comes to hand.

I’m not sure that she’s a fan.

But I’m goddamn giving it a good go. And should you want to join me then there’s plenty of excellent teachers and tutorials on YouTube, my current favourite being Adam Gussow who has a tendency to film from his car. Even if you’re not trying to learn the harmonica you can’t help but love the video in which he beats you round the head (thankfully it’s not in 3D).

So, do you already play harmonica? Any tips greatly appreciated (anything to stop the cat attacking me).

I’ve been asked why I’m trying to learn harmonica. Well – short answer – because it’s pretty goddamn cool, and it never does any harm to have any extra cool points. But also, in my head I’m an old man with a beard sitting in a rocking chair on my veranda watching the world go by and playing the blues. And sometimes it does you good to try something new.

So, my question for you today, fiends; name your favourite harmonica song or player. Or, if harmonica isn’t your thing, then shout out your favourite blues, or even country and western vibes. Either way, think old man and veranda. I want to know – music, books, films, it’s all fair game. Feed me your harmonica fodder.

The Beast will appreciate anything that helps me improve. As will my poor, shredded arms.

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