Cluedo Night

In the blue corner; Poirot. In the red corner; Frost. Let’s get ready to ruuuummmmmmbbbbllllleeeeee.


Also known as the Great Cluedo Night – an evening consisting of beer, the classic board game, more beer, the film based on the game, and of course a selection of my mighty fine friends.

And inevitably, during the course of the evening, the longstanding and deeply emotive argument will once again begin; just who is the best detective of all time?

My money’s on Columbo, with the lovely Jessica Fletcher coming a close second. You just can’t beat Columbo’s tricksy ‘one last question’ and casual shuffling around. There is also nothing better than a lazy day accompanied by a few classic episodes and a blanket. But then someone else is going to start talking about Morse or start waving Sherlocks around (there’s a few out there now, hard to keep track).

So who’s gonna win? Which sleuthster’s gonna come out on top?

There’s only one way to find out…


*Ahem* Or perhaps, cast your favourite-detective-vote in the comments below.


2 replies on “The battle of the detectives

  1. I’ll go for Jane Marple, Lord Peter Wimsey (sucker for a title), or Sergeant Hemingway (georgette Heyer’s detective novels). Can I have wine instead of beer?


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