Top televisual eye-joy

Last week I got more excited than a pig in a mud-field about Narcos. It’s great. For reasons why it’s great you can read my brain splurge here.

So, in the spirit of sharing TV’s best excuses to curl up on the sofa with a blanket, the beast and a bottle of wine during the long winter nights, here’s six more series that set my eyeballs salivating.

The Walking Dead

Because *zombies* (and some dodgy American accents).

Six Feet Under

By far the best series about a family-run funeral home, ever.

American Horror Story

I’ve only seen season one, the one with the murder house. That’s purely because I’ve not had time to watch the rest yet. Jessica Lange is phenomenal.


Darkly, comically brilliant. Plus Billy Bob Thornton. What more can you ask for?

True Detective

Because there’s something bloody brilliant about the combo of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey.


I’ll admit, I’m only part of the way through this series so could be a bit of a cheeky one including this on the list, but I already have that feeling that the last episode is going to leave me bawling my eyes out.