Official Belated Grind Spark Book Launch day

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Howdy fiends.

Aaaannnnd, after an impromptu hiatus, I’m back, in a slightly quieter Dust Lounge.

But not for too much longer, as soon enough we’ll be finding some new fur-babies to chase away the emptiness.

But, in the meantime, you’re stuck with me and my harmonicas. And we are back in business.


Yes, I basically missed my own launch party. Call it fashionably late. Call it leaves on the tracks. Call it too sad to talk to anybody.

But today, I’m calling it Official Belated Grind Spark Book Launch day. Yes, Grind Spark is here, and it wants you to read it.

It really does.

It’s had some damn fine reviews from some damn fine people, and thanks to everyone who’s talked about it, mentioned it, read it, enjoyed it. There is nothing better than hearing from readers who have enjoyed reading your book as much as you have writing it.

So, thanks to you guys.

And y’all can get it now in paperback and e-book from Amazon.

Plus, because I just have so much love to give, you can be in with a chance to win a signed copy if you head on over to Goodreads.

2016 ain’t going so great – we’ve got Brexit, we’ve got Trump – so using the term Dystopian Fiction almost seems a bit redundant. But, if you like near future fiction that might have been dystopian if you hadn’t already watched the news, then Grind Spark is the book for you.

If you do like it, I’d love to hear from you.


“Forget the well-trodden paths of post-apocalypse humanity and welcome in a world of genetic engineering, anything-goes governance, religious zeal and apathetic clock-watchers.” – Goodreads reviewer


“…as with all good Sci-Fi, it’s not where we could end up that makes the book scary, but how it shows us that the seeds for such failures already exist in the real world.” – Goodreads reviewer


“Deek herself is a wonderful narrator; sardonic, old before her time, painfully clear-sighted. She gives the book a brilliantly grim, dark humour.” – Amazon reviewer


“The characters live on the page, walk out of it and get under your skin.They are totally, and in some examples sadly, convincing.” – Amazon reviewer


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