Ok, so it’s here – I have student card in hand, heavy text book about to get scribbled all over, mild panic about whether I’ve forgotten how to use my brain. It must be starting.

And it is.

Tomorrow marks the start of welcome week (which as a distance learner consists of Whatsapp groups, online forums, and interweb chats), and as of the 25th I’m officially starting the hard grind on my MSc Psychology course.

It’s daunting, it’s exciting, it’s (hopefully) fascinating.

I’m starting with a stats module.

But it’s approved by cats.

So that’s a thing.

First page of stats text book
The first page of my Psychology stats text book. Approved by cats.

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that I haven’t exactly finished any of my WIPs that I promised… but they’re not forgotten, and there have been words written in the interim. The next two years is bringing out the new, disciplined, organised side of me – or that’s the plan. So when it ain’t about studying it be about writing.

Or finally mastering the harmonica.

So, as the sudden realisation dawns that I really did apply to do a masters course, and it really is starting, and OH MY GOD IS MY BRAIN READY TO DO THIS LEARNING THING, I’m popping in here to wish all y’all well – especially those of you starting your studies this September. We got this, dudes.

(See how down with the kids I am – no-one’s gonna know I’m supposed to be some sort of mature student…)

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