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Happy new year, all y’all. I hope it’s treating you well.

January can be a beast of a month. Long, dark nights. Seemingly endless weeks at work. Mountains on the to-do list that’s been piling up since November. Awkward puns on the word ‘January’. Resolutions made when on the third pint. Body clock refusing to reset. Boilers breaking. Dodging the flu (or attempting to)… I could continue.

This year, although I don’t make resolutions (too prone to failure), I’m intending to properly get back into writing. The idea mill is cranking into gear and the itch to put fingers to keyboard is, quite frankly, something I should probably go and see the doctor about.

Writing for fun again is making for a much brighter January. Having said that, after a break from writing creatively for some time, the blank page is a daunting thing. The cursor blinks aggressively, and when letters do start to form words the delete key beckons. This feeling will, as it has before, pass. But to give light relief to the bigger stories, short stories told in the size of a tweet are good for a daily writerly work out. And here the twitter world of #vss365 (Very Short Story 365) comes into play. I’ve joined in sporadically before but so far this year I’ve been trying to get involved more and enjoying the challenge of a tweet sized nugget of inspiration every day to get the creative juices flowing.

One of the greatest joys of it is that the pressure’s off. It’s a tweet. It’s not the huge undertaking of a novel, or even finely crafted short story. You get a prompt word, and then you write around it. You’ve only got so many words and some of those you’re probably going to have to sacrifice to that little blue bird on the web. It means you can play with an idea, you can play with the meaning of words, and you can get huge amounts of inspiration from how others in the #vss365 community approach it.

So, I’m playing along this January, to brighten up the edges of this longest of months.

If you want to join in, just head on over to Twitter and find the prompt words using #VSS365 #prompt. See you there.

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