The most romantic day of the year has arrived in all its sickening, flower strewn glory.

But romance comes in all shapes and sizes. Love isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing. Affection demonstrated by flowers, chocolates and teddy bears just might not be your thing. So whether you’re celebrating with a partner, with friends or on your own (or just not celebrating at all), do your own thing and don’t compare it to others. This day of love is not a competition, and it certainly doesn’t have to come with a price tag.

And all this brings to mind one of the most romantic cinematic moments of all time, brought to us by Pulp Fiction (that’s a romance film, right?). Incidentally, myself and the other half started out avoiding pet names, then started using them in an ironic way, and then apparently just ended up using them. And honey bunny is one of my favourites.

PS I wish I could shout as well as Honey Bunny.

PPS The Dust Lounge in no way suggests you celebrate Valentine’s day by holding up a diner.

So however you’re celebrating, or if you’re not celebrating at all, just have yourselves a lovely day honey bunnies.

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