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Season’s greetings, happy Christmas, awesome yuletide to y’all.

The tree is up now, which means, among other things, I’m spending a lot of time trying to persuade Diesel that he doesn’t really want to chew it constantly (which he, apparently, absolutely does want to do, and must do at any given opportunity). When he’s not trying to eat it, he’s remembering that there’s a glittery bow at the top that he’s obsessed with (as he loves all things sparkly) and commences operation “Climb Tree Badly”. You know how that story goes.

I’m sure this year that more-than-most people are doing Christmas and the festive break in a slightly different way to what they’re used to. I surely hope that, whatever your plans, you’re managing to carve out a break for yourself.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, I hope you are having a lovely time.

Season’s greetings to y’all, have a good one.

In which Diesel and Ripley are allowed monitored fun-time with the tree *Don’t be fooled by those butter-wouldn’t-melt faces*

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