‘Like Clockwork’ in Ellipsis Zine, Ten: Everything Has a Price

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I’m super pleased to share that my tiny flash Like Clockwork has been published in the latest zine from Ellipsis Zine, Ten: Everything Has a Price. It’s a collection of stories inspired by antique shops, and reading through the issue is like wandering through a second-hand store, picking up trinkets and brushing the dust from old photo albums, loaded with snapshots of someone else’s life.

With stories ranging from sad to surreal to sinister, it’s brilliant to have been included in the mix. There’s treasures for everyone held in the pages — I enjoyed them all, particularly Nicola Ashbrook’s How to Store a Pickled Kitten, Paul Ruta’s The Erroneous Pantaloons, and Distraction by Amy Bohlman.

You can pick up a copy here.

I hope you enjoy it 😊 

And, as we step into holiday season, happy and safe December to y’all.

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