Grind Spark Earworm #9 – Radiohead

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Radiohead Feral

Last week the Grind Spark playlist took us somewhere dark and unsettling from the ’70s – the years when Ball Buster seemed like a good idea at the time. And the music was from the genius mind of UNKLE – go and disturb yourself now.

So right now I imagine you’re soaking up the daytime beer with a steaming hot roast, and the kids are eyeing the Easter egg boxes on the shelf but they don’t know that you ate three of them last night so they’re just going to have to share what’s left… they won’t notice that the chocolate bunny is missing a head… right?

*Passes a tissue*

There’s chocolate on your chin.

Or perhaps you’ve gone away for the long weekend? Hightailed it out of the city and the smog and now you’re sitting in the Grandparent’s house and wondering when Jason and the Argonauts is going to be on, and when gran is going to pass out on sherry, and why she still makes you wear the Easter bonnet you made at school all those years ago.

And this song is for the journey there.

This song is for the hours on the train.

It’s the ratcheting rhythm of the wheels and hiss of the carriages as the train slides through the landscape.

It’s the inevitable arrival at your destination.

And it’s too late to get off now.

This song is Feral, by Radiohead.

Listen in transit.

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