I write like…

So, I was bumbling around the internet (it’s a habit, occurs mostly when I’m awake) when I happened across “I write like”.

Now I’m guessing this might be old news to some of you (I’ve obviously been too distracted by videos of squeaking sloths) but once stumbled across it’s almost impossible to refrain from running yourself through the machine. I suspect the only way that I could have stopped myself would have been with the assistance of a gang of balding, human-sized hedgehogs – made bitter by their lack of hair they resort to street violence and cursing people with the words; “Thou shalt forever write like feckin’ Shakespeare, you tosswobbler.”

That didn’t, actually happen, so here’s my school report:

HTTP Error – William Gibson

Kicking up dust – Chuck Palahniuk

Remember Me – Douglas Adams

Digital Eyes – Cory Doctorow

Job Hunting – Douglas Adams

This blog post – Cory Doctorow

And I am more than happy with that. I mean, the site is factual, right? I can put this on my blurb, right?

Anyway, I’m assuming you’re gonna have a go too (if you’ve not already been at it). Who did it come up with? Someone you expected? The opposite? Someone you’ve never heard of (soon to be added to the to-be-read pile)? I’d love to know because I am nosey with a capital nose.

FYI I stumbled across this from Liz Hedgecock’s site (a contributor to the FlashDogs anthologies), and was also merrily sidetracked at this Guardian article… turns out even Margaret Atwood don’t write like Margaret Atwood.