Happy Launch Day – FlashDogs Volume 2

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Just dropping by to say:

Happy Solstice!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy International Day of Yoga… erm… day!

It’s a day crammed with celebrations (even the streets where I live have been taken over by carnival goers and rides – perhaps I might even join them soon, who can say no to beer in a plastic cup and the twang of toffee apples filling the air?)

But the award for biggest celebration of the day goes to…

… The FlashDogs!


Flashdogs Volume 2

That’s right, FlashDogs Volume 2, a two-part themed anthology goes on sale today. Two different volumes filled with the imaginings of 48 writers (including two brand new stories from me), with all proceeds going to The Book Bus charity.

You can find all the links to buy them at the FlashDogs website, and you might even notice that Volume 1 is available for free if you’ve not had a chance to pick it up before.

So in the spirit of the celebrations, I’m taking my hat off and raising my plastic glass to the FlashDogs team; Mark A. King, David Shakes and Emily June Street. It’s been a hard and hectic run up to launch and I don’t know how they’ve found the time – but not only did they find the time, they found the time to make the books goddamn bloody gorgeous.

So cheers to you FlashDogs, a well-deserved drink is in order.

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