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Last time in Sharing is Good, I talked about the joys of Chuck Wendig, The Bridge and the brilliant David Bowie. I also got to hear a bit about The Man in the High Castle, a tip from Brum Radio Book Show over on Twitter, a series that’s going straight on my watch list.

And in this latest instalment of reading, watching, listening, here’s the creative crack that’s been going down.

Reading: Did I mention that I pretty much devoured The Death House by Sarah Pinborough? It made me cry. And it wasn’t pretty crying. It was all red eyes and snotty nose. It was brilliant. It probably deserves its own dedicated post. But right now I’m reading Mr Mercedes by Stephen King, and so far, it’s no disappointment.

Watching: Hot off the back of spending the last couple of days of my Christmas holiday watching the not-exactly-festive-and-sadly-disturbing Making a Murderer, The Jinx hit NowTV so I spent most of today glued to that. Creepy stuff, to say the least.

Listening: A Saturday at work could only be survived by the addition of Marilyn Manson. Specifically a touch of Mechanical Animals. On repeat. Until weekend working was completed.

What’s been eating at your ears? What’s been filling your eyeballs with wordjoy? Drop your current creative worms in the comments section, or join in on Twitter.

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