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It’s the last bank holiday weekend of the summer, and I’m not sure where the summer went. One minute it was the start of the heat wave, then before I could peel the sun-burned scrapings from my back we’re about to hit autumn and the season of woolly jumpers and massive scarves.

Let’s be honest, autumn has all the best things going for it.

Double-Vision-SMALLSo, to celebrate the long weekend and a week of heading into the season of red leaves and shorter days you can pick up the ebook of Double Vision for free from today through until Wednesday 29th.

Double Vision is a short book of even shorter stories – bite-size pieces of strangeness to while away the minutes between waking up and making breakfast, between getting on the bus and getting to work, between going to bed and falling asleep. Some of the stories you might have seen already in the wild, wild web of the internet, and others are brand new. And for those of you that haven’t read Grind Spark you’ll get a sneak peek at that too.

Get Double Vision on Amazon

So help yourselves to a little free wordage.

But if this all feels like you’ve just been accosted by a man on your doorstep opening his coat lined with pegs and asking you for pennies, then here’s what some bona-fide real life Amazon readers had to say about it… (the book, not the selling of pegs… if you want any pegs then I’m out the back having a ciggy by the bins).

“I loved the exhilarating high-octane pace; it felt like drinking extra-strength caffeine before riding an F1 simulator.”

“I enjoyed this collection very much; dystopia and tech mixed with a good dash of grim humour.”

“A superb collection of off-the-wall short stories — some funny, some grim.”

“Double Vision is a fantastic collection of insane short stories that will bend your mind and prompt questions about the universe you probably shouldn’t ask.”

And, of course, if you enjoy the snippets of tale-telling in Double Vision, then if you leave a review or feel inspired to get Grind Spark then I can confirm that you would be the most amazing person ever. (That is a fact, although there is no certificate currently available).

Enjoy your weekend, fiends.

Get Double Vision on Amazon

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