Grind Spark Earworm #7 – Sigur Ros

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Brennisteinn Sigur Ros

Last week we took a break from the Grind Spark playlist to hear the sounds that whip your creative muse into action. Thought of some more? Then get yerself over there and add em in.

But now we’re back, spiralling down into the dirty ribcage of the Grind Spark earworm.

And this week it’s gone a bit epic.

This week we’re taking in vast sounds and sucking up the power of nature.

And it’s piping direct into our brain tubes, and there’s no escape.

And it’s so much bigger than us.

And the mountain doesn’t care if you’re beneath it when it crumbles.

And the rain in the sky isn’t tears.

This is Brennisteinn by Sigur Ros.

Listen to it and let the world smother you.

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