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You might have seen the odd message about GDPR and associated privacy policy updates popping up in your inbox recently. By “the odd message”, I mean: MASSES of emails asking if you’d like to stay in touch and flooding your inbox with “please don’t leave us”, “what would you do without us”, “goddamn just click on the link so that we can still speak to you”.

Of course, that’s just how I normally attempt to arrange a night out with friends – that’s how it works, right?

But, with genuine fear at missing out on the GDPR craze, I should update (*ahem* -include-) a privacy policy, and let you know about it.

And to that end, I have created this fascinating blog post, in which I refer you to my brand-spanking-new privacy policy, and promise not to do deviant things with your personal information.

Privacy at The Dust Lounge

And whilst I sincerely hope you won’t unsubscribe to my blog (as you would miss out on such newsworthy pieces as “Why there’s too much nipplage in Hex”, “What scares the bejezus out’o’me”, and “Cats”) you can always banish me from your inbox by unsubscribing from notifications using the link at the bottom of the ‘blog notification’ emails.

Not saying I won’t cry about it, but should you wish to unsubscribe, the power is yours.

Here’s to staying in touch, fiends.

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